Apartment prices are calculated per week with arrival and departure from Saturday to Saturday.
If the reservation includes two different rates the final price will be calculated taking into account the number of days for each period.
The rental price includes electricity consumption, excluding the period from October to late April, the cost is indicated in the price list.
The cleaning of tableware and kitchen equipment must be carried by the customer.
The final cleaning service is mandatory, the cost is indicated in the price list.


The accommodation rented can be inhabited by the maximum number of people wrote in its description, in the event that is inhabited by more people, even if temporarily, the booking agreement may be terminated without the return of the amount paid.
If after booking, you decide to travel with more persons than stated in the contract, please inform us.


The medium-size pets are allowed.
The reservation should always state whether you want to bring the animals and what size.
If you brought an animal without mentioning it at booking, we reserve the right to terminate the contract.
For every pet you have to pay € 25 per week.


Compulsory final cleaning: apartment Sole € 50, Pisa and Cielo € 40, Terra, Adele and Fienile € 30.


Methane and electricity are paid from 07/01 to 29/04 and from 30/09 to 06/01, the price is based on the consumption measured at the counter. Methane: € 1,40 m3; Electricity: € 0,40 kw/h.


You can bring sheets, pillow cases, towels and kitchen towels or rent them from the owner € 10 per person.
The blankets are always available for free.


For our accommodations the rule is that you can enter the premises between 14.00 and 19.00 hours and at the departure you have to leave the house by 10.00 because we need time for cleaning.
If you wish to arrive or depart at different times or days than those specified, the conditions should be agreed with the owner.
If you are unable to occupy the apartment on the day or time scheduled for problems during the trip, strikes, or for personal reasons, please let us know.


If on arrival or during your stay something happens that does not correspond to expectations, please keep a positive attitude.
Even if you get tired after a long journey, be in a bad mood can both damage the pleasure of the holidays, both a chance to find a solution.
We will try to resolve the situation as soon as possible and with reciprocal satisfaction.


From October to the end of April a deposit of € 150 can be requested upon arrival, if no damage is found the return will be made at your departure in cash or within 7 days by bank transfer.


The password-protected WiFi network has spread throughout the property, this network is free, you will find your password in the informative book on arrival.


- You choose one or more apartments and requires a reservation by phone or e-mail, it will be announced the availability of the apartment chosen and the procedures for payment of the advance deposit
- Poured the advance deposit, consisting of 30% of the total, it will be booked at the desired apartment
- It will then confirmed the booking by phone or e-mail
- Upon arrival you will pay the rest of the amount and any rentals of linen.
- If you cancel your reservation within the twenty days prior to arrival you will have to pay 60% of the weekly charge, in any case the cancellation involves no refund of the deposit.


Do not forget a photo ID.

This is a translated version of "INFORMAZIONI E CONDIZIONI CONTRATTUALI" Italian version, in case of discrepancies between the translated version and the Italian, the one in the original language takes precedence.