Swimmingpool of Iseo Lake

Swimmingpool of resturant Miranda

If you go to Restourant Miranda for lunch or dinner, you can swim in Miranda's swimmingpool for one day.

Restourant Miranda is 150 metres from Castello. 

For the hosts of the "Castle of Zorzino” reduction in price 10% (not on the menù of the day).


Swimmingpool of Lovere

In river to the lake much green space, slides, water-massage, area pic-cNic, bar, restaurant

To km 7 they give Zorzino
Timetables from 17/6 to 6/9
Every day from the 9.00 to the 19.00 
Evening Opening: 
Tuesday Wednesdays, from the 20.00 to the 22.00 

From the MONDAY To the FRIDAY: To the customers of the CASTLE OF ZORZINO, two adults with children (€12,00) including club 4-7 years / 8-11 years, adult  (€6,00).  

To leave from the june month, the cap is obligatory.


Swimmingpool of Predore "Eurovil"

Swimmingpool of Predore "Eurovil"

All days euro 5